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Credits are the whole amount of money or services provided through banks. Today, every bank provides loans to those who have a good track record. Credits are taken in at least 2 business days after the necessary research is done.

But for people with a poor record, getting a loan is just a dream. The event, called the registry, is a score held by the Credit Bureau.

It passes as GFI score and each bank can reach these score details. Before taking a loan, it enters the system with the TC number of the person and reports the result. GFI points are created according to the loans and payments made by the person from the banks.

Irregular and delayed payments made on a credit card, falling into a lawyer, credit debt, legal proceedings, etc. are negatively reflected in the GFI score. According to this score, loans with a certain limit are given or not given at all. However, in the face of this situation, people with bad records cannot take out any amount of credit.


Another detail that the banks pay attention to is the income document. In order for the person to take out a loan, he must have insurance and bring the payslip to the bank. In the face of this situation, the loan application of people who have no salary from anywhere is not approved.

There are also banks that give credit to those with low credit ratings, but without proof of income, they do not give credit in these banks. Apart from the payslip, a rental income or other income can also be documented.

If one of these documents is not included, banks directly refuse the loan.

Our Service Details


When the conditions of lending of banks are met, they give credit to each person. The types of customers that banks are interested in are those with regular payments or those with high incomes. Even a single application of these persons is approved instantly.

We established our company in 2014 to serve our customers in this regard. In the beginning, we provided credit consultancy services to increase the GFI score. However, we started to work on this business due to the bad track record of our customers and some problems.

We provided loans to many of our customers in a short time and made them close their debts in a short time. Moreover, while doing these operations, we keep the fees such as file costs very low.

We take out loans in a very short time to those who have any bad records, those who have credit debt, those who have credit card debt, and those who have a legal follow-up. Moreover, we do not require income documents or other documents while doing these transactions.

The list of people who give money with promissory notes is quite full. Those who give money in exchange for promissory notes should definitely not be trusted. These people, by applying almost 0 interest in return for the money they give, make victims of the people and the result of those who apply to this process ends even with suicide.

The proposals made by these people should be rejected directly and should be avoided. Such people sometimes do not give bills even when they get their money back and drag people in bad ways.

Our company is an organization that has been put into service to produce solutions in this regard. Before the lenders or loan, shark phone numbers in the community are investigated, they should be discussed with our company.

By applying through our website, the required credits can be withdrawn easily. All credit types available in the market are available. Consumer loans, vehicle loans, housing loans, and consumer loans are included in these loans. Moreover, we leave the payment intervals and maturity numbers to our customers.

We do not want any documents and guarantors while doing these operations. Also, we do not deal with bills or other documents. Transactions such as the process of obtaining loans from normal banks continue and result in a short time.

How To Get Credit From Our Company?


To do this, you must first log into our site and write down the loan amount and the term. After this process, a form will appear on the screen and the information requested on the form must be answered correctly. After the mobile phone is written, the credit response will arrive shortly.

After the answer is reached, the connections with our company are established by phone. Documents to be signed are sent to the given address and signatures are requested from these documents. After the documents are properly examined, signatures are sent and sent back by cargo.

Moreover, all shipping charges are covered by our company. After the documents are sent back, the process of obtaining a loan is completed and money is transferred to an account within 3 business days. But after the money is withdrawn, payments must be made on the set payment dates.

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